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via Salto, 6, 39050 San Genesio Atesino - Bolzano
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It is just as much fun as it is interesting to see our unique landscape of the Salto overlooking the Schlern and Rosengarten to Latemar hiking a car-riage. Our Hans, who happens to be an expert driver and storyteller, revives fairy tales and an-cient legends of witches and " Nörggelen ". Obvi-ously, if required, the usual stop in a traditional hut can not miss !

And when the full moon glistens on the meadows and woods making the  night glow in a bright silver light, when we feel the call of a bird through the silence of the larches, and a shooting star lights up the sky, then we are participating at a romantic carriage ride in full moon.


Information for carriage rides:

Johann Zöggeler (Feichter Hans)

Tel. 0039/347/0421769