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via Salto, 6, 39050 San Genesio Atesino - Bolzano
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With all our heart. Love towards all surrounding: towards people, animals, the nature and the simple, uncomplicated life: this is what you, dear guest, will be able to experience.

With us the clocks tick differently ... 

Manager making a break from their daily stress-routine, following their own rhythm with having breakfast until 15:00, housewives and daddies with their children who prefer watching the beautiful surrounding instead of TV and go to bed with satisfaction, or who saddle docile horses and make a ride through the biggest European larch forest, you can find as well nature lovers from town, who let themselves inspire form the beautiful surrounding of the Salto, singles, who jog to the Church San Giacomo of Lavenna/Langfenn or make a trip with the e-bike up to the alp „Jenesiener Jöchl“ and meet  nice people, children, who get up early in the morning with the first cockcrow and help feeding the animals, whilst their parents enjoy the pleasure of an extended sleep.  Or Seniors, who enjoy a trip on a coach with Hans and “gourmets of laziness” in the middle of pure and fresh mountain-air (1361 above the sea level) who do not need to keep on rules of fixed breakfast times, can tank sunrays as much as they like and feast themselves on the excellent cooking, bakery and joyfulness of the family Höller with their team.